How to Determine If the Online Casino License Is Valid

Checking a casino license is one of the most important criteria for regular visitors to start playing on a particular gambling site. Therefore, we have collected information on the main types of licenses and how to check them. Also, you can check the list of non-UK licensed casinos for UK players.


Types of Licenses and the Ways to Check Them

All online casinos publish their licenses on their official websites. So, further verification of this data is easy to do on the websites of the licensors. Here are top jurisdictions whose casino licenses can be verified:

1)     The UK

The UK provides one of the best licenses because this jurisdiction is serious about auditing platforms that have UKGC permission. To verify that the casino is indeed licensed in the UK, please visit the official governmental resources. Just insert the relevant number and receive the entire history of the casino license. Unlike other licensors, this authority is always on the side of the player.

2)     Isle of Man

Currently, many companies are switching to other licensing bodies, but to make sure that the online casino is still licensed by the Isle of Man, you can verify this information online.

3)     Gibraltar

Such permission is not the best, but it is still one step ahead of Curacao. You can easily check it online as well.

4)     Malta

This jurisdiction is no less responsible for the players than the British one. Each letter with a problem worthy of attention is carefully studied and a user can have no doubts about the responsibility of the institution. 

5)     Alderney

This jurisdiction remains in the top three around the world. Such software manufacturers as NetEnt, Microgaming, or Playtech easily provide their games to virtual establishments that are licensed in Alderney, and the player can be sure that he/she is playing on the original software. The official website displays only those establishments that have recently received a license.  

There are also two licenses that are almost impossible to verify and, therefore, many establishments indicate that they are authorized by the following jurisdictions:

6)     Curacao

It’s almost impossible to check. There is no resource in the jurisdiction where you can enter the code and find out that such a license really exists. It is difficult to get an answer to letters if you are an ordinary player. The only help in case of any problems can come from the affiliate.

7)     Costa Rica

This jurisdiction is the same as Curacao. In general, Costa Rica’s license is issued not specifically for gambling, but for a specific communication format.

Now, you are well aware of the ways how you can check the casino license. Do not neglect this opportunity and play only on reliable resources. Good luck!

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