How to Check the Online Casino License in the UK

The online market of gambling services in Great Britain occupies a leading position in Europe. Over the past few years, the gaming industry has shown good growth dynamics, and this is due to the historical love of Brits for such activities, and to a clear state policy to regulate this sphere. Read below how to check the online casino license in the UK.


The National Regulator

Until 2014, the UK national regulator – UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) – did not oblige owners to license their business in the UK. For this reason, most operators preferred to get cheaper licenses from Malta or Gibraltar, while being able to accept bets from Brits. However, in 2014, a lawmaker obliged all operators that accept bets from UK players or that have placed their institutions in the UK, to obtain a UKGC license and pay 15% of income tax to the national treasury.

This jurisdiction has a website where you can easily check the license issued by the UKGC. The website also shows the status of the license, and whether there were any problems with this online casino. From the customer’s point of view, this is the most reliable license, and any player can write a complaint to the site, and then serious sanctions will be applied to the casino.


Types of Available Licenses

There are 4 main types of gambling permission in the United Kingdom:

  1.     License for operation;
  2.     Personal management license;
  3.     Personal functional license;
  4.     Premises license.

Operating license – this is exactly the permission to do a certain type of activity. Such permission can be obtained for online and offline betting, bingo, land-based and online casinos, gambling software, slot machines, lotteries.

Applicant operators must provide a well-developed business plan that will indicate the estimated turnover of money and the ways of financing the operator. All this is required in order for the commission to make sure that the applicant does not go broke and the users’ finances are not at risk. The plan should also indicate where the equipment will be located.

The document is issued after 4-8 weeks on average from the time of application submission. Although the preparation of a competent application itself takes a lot of time. After receiving the application, the organization has to follow all the conditions and warn about any facts that relate to changes in the company and information about the owners.


In Conclusion

As you can see, the Brits pay particular attention to the legal operation of gambling institutions at the territory of the United Kingdom. All these measures guarantee that the gamblers who place bets in the UK casinos are protected by law, and in case of necessity they can send a complaint directly to UKGC. Meanwhile, like land-based institutions, online casino owners pay taxes to work in the UK.

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